5 Exercises to Get Your Family Outside This Season

Kids spend a lot of time sitting down, looking at screens, and not doing much else. It’s not their fault, either - between Covid and the lack of emphasis on recess and activity, kids are pretty much forced to sit down for an insane amount of time. 

While we can’t really combat the foundation of the American educational system (without organized protest and/or voting, that is), we can help our kids get a little more exercise during the day! 

To celebrate our Friends & Family sale, we’re going to show you all the different ways you can get your family offline and outdoors, how to maintain healthy habits for your kids, and even some great gear to help you keep up with your energy-filled kiddos. Everything you need for the ultimate family exercise routine! 

Let’s get going! 

How Much Exercise Do Children Need?

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, a lot more than we think (especially for toddlers). While we all know it’s probably not possible to get the recommended amount of outdoor time everyday (life happens), it is good to at least try! 

To break it down a little further, the amount of time children should be doing some kind of physical activity varies by age. Infants need low-impact activity (floor play, crawling), toddlers need about 3 hours of physical activity per day (they’ve got lots of energy), and 6+ (all the way to adults) need about 60 minutes of physical activity per day. 

Here’s a visual to help:  

Exercise Amount Per Day
Physical movement several times a day (on the floor or indoors) 
Toddlers (3-5 y/o)
3 or more hours of physical activity, indoors or outdoors
6+ years old 
An hour or more of physical activity
Again, we all know that life gets in the way - but it is recommended that you try to get your kids at least close to this amount of outdoor time. 


How Can You Encourage Outdoor Activities for Kids?

The million-dollar question: How do we get our kids interested in the outdoors? As family people ourselves, us Copper Compression writers really wish we had a foolproof answer. 

The reality, though, is that it depends on the kid. Some kids need a push to get outside, some kids can’t get enough of the outdoors, and some are somewhere in between. We can’t give you a guaranteed method, but we can help you by showing you some baseline ideas that could get your brain jumpstarted! 

Without further ado, let’s get moving: 

Schedule Time During the Day

This is an important first step in getting your kids (and yourself) acquainted with the great outdoors on a regular basis. Setting up a daily routine for your family isn’t just good for developing habit-forming skills, it’s a great way to spend time with your kids outside of the house.
Try to first schedule some time after school or on the weekend to go outside every few days. Once it’s become more of a habit, try to incorporate it into your daily family routine! 

Start Doing Indoor Activities Outdoors

Having a hard time getting the kids off the iPad? Start small! Start by having lunch or dinner outside, even if it’s on the balcony or porch. After that, start taking other indoor activities outside (even if that means bringing out the iPad).
Crafting, drawing, even taking a walk around the neighborhood are all good ways to get your kids more used to spending time outside.

Break Out the Chalk!

What do kids love doing most? Drawing on things they shouldn’t. Take out the mess by letting your kiddos get crazy with some chalk. It’s a great way for them to get outdoors, get some creativity out, and unleash their desire to draw on things that aren’t paper.

Have a Picnic

A timeless family bonding activity. Wait for a nice day, bust out the gingham (or some other flashy pattern), and pack some easy finger foods. Prepare for whatever blanket you use to need a wash, because as we all know, kids get a little messy.
But hey, getting some fresh air and hanging out in nature is a great way to get kids away from it all! 

Alright, you’ve got your kids acquainted with nature’s splendors. Now let’s take it a step further and get them on their feet! 

Our Favorite Outdoor Exercise Ideas for Families

Believe it or not, getting kids up and active can be pretty easy if you frame it the right way. Young kids in particular love doing things they think adults do - so get them involved in your own exercises (modified for them, of course):


Easy, fun, and full of activity. Walking through the woods is a great way to get your kiddo interested in flora, fauna, and fitness. Try a nature walk first, as sometimes hikes can be a little intimidating for young kids.
Nature walks are built for children - the paths are well-developed, they are filled with interesting informational plaques, and they’re not super long! 

Kid’s Yoga 

Never too late to practice meditation and stretch them hamstrings. Find a kid’s yoga video on youtube, get them their own mat, and watch as they manage to make a meditative practice chaotic (but fun, of course).
Once your kiddo has gotten the hang of it, move your exercise outside, whether in the backyard or on the porch! 


The agile child’s vehicle of choice, the bicycle has dominated suburban, city, and country roads since we figured out that walking is actually a huge pain.
Grab a couple helmets and take your kids on a bike ride through the park, the woods, or a nature trail. If you live in a convenient location, your whole family can practice biking to school, work, or the grocery store.


Hot out? Kids are usually all about water. Even if you don’t have a public pool nearby, busting out a sprinkler, wading pool, or just a straight up hose is a great way to get children out of the house. We’re talking water balloon fights. We’re talking water gun fights. We’re talking bubble gun…fights. You know. Stuff like that! 

Outdoor Fort Building

This is one of the most unique ideas we came across! If you’re camping or have a lot of sticks in your backyard, have your kids practice building a survival tent, fort, or barricade. Great for exercise, creativity, and staying prepared for when we face the inevitable zombie apocalypse and must survive on nature alone. 

Great Compression Products to Have (to Keep Up with Kiddos)

Kids have a lot of energy. How do us adults keep up with their wild ways? 

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For hands-on crafts, games, and fun, try our elbow sleeves. Great for achy joints that aren’t used a whole lotta movement.  

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Final Thoughts

Raising kids is tough, but we hope we made it a little easier with this fun little blog. If anything, we hope this helps you get outside and soak in some rays! Be sure to check out our blog for more tidbits and trends. For more deals, discounts, and updates, be sure to check out our website and subscribe to our email list!