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Copper Compression is proud to welcome Drew to the team!

Drew Brees

"We need a better way to heal and that is why I chose to partner with Copper Compression."

"Throughout my time as a pro football player I've taken some hits and tried everything to help with muscle pain and recovery and then I found Copper Compression. When I wear the products, I don't feel injured, I feel enhanced."


We're excited to announce our multi-year partnership with Pro Quarterback, Drew Brees.

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Feel the difference

Functionality is one of the defining principles behind every Copper Compression product. Our diverse offering not only provides support and protection, but allows you to move on with life.

Copper Infused

Copper is woven into our fabric not sprayed so it doesn’t just wash away.


Adds stability & support to your body part when engaging in various activities.

Moisture Wicking

Material wicks sweat & dries really fast. Adds stability to your body part when engaging in various activities