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Leg Pain

Find Relief with Copper Compression

Welcome to Copper Compression's Leg Collection, where relief meets innovation. Our compression sleeves and braces are crafted for your comfort and performance, offering targeted solutions for every leg-related concern. With copper-infused fabric promoting circulation and reducing inflammation, our collection ensures you stride with confidence. Welcome to a world where comfort meets function, and your journey to happier, healthier legs begins.

Powerknit knee sleeve

Stabilize your knees and go the extra mile! Engineered with our seamless PowerKnit technology, this sleeve supports and warms muscles in your knees, helping them to fire faster and reach peak output. It also helps to stabilize your joints, prevent injuries and facilitate active recovery. Don’t let your daily grind impede your progression. Experience shorter, more effective warm-ups, push harder, and recover faster with the Copper Compression PowerKnit Knee Sleeve.

Recommended for: Perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and active individuals seeking extra support during physical activities like running, weightlifting, or hiking. It's also ideal for those experiencing occasional knee discomfort, offering gentle compression and stability for everyday use.

RECOVERY Calf Sleeves

Go further, farther and faster. The benefits of wearing Copper Compression calf sleeves are immeasurable. Thanks to consistent and targeted pressure, these sleeves improve circulation throughout your lower legs. This helps to decrease swelling, fatigue and soreness, and enhancing recovery. Try it once & they will soon become a crucial part of your daily routine.

Recommended for: Athletes, runners, and anyone seeking enhanced performance and support during physical activities. They're also ideal for individuals who spend long hours on their feet or suffer from conditions such as shin splints or calf strains.

Full Leg Sleeve

Enhance your athletic potential with full leg support throughout the hamstring, thigh, calf, knee and shin. Whether you’re preventing an injury or recovering from one, this sleeve hugs your leg in consistent pressure and protection. Not only is it ideal for gametime, but also rest, recovery and travel. Instead of leaving yourself open to soreness and inflammation, use our full leg sleeve to improve circulation, increase muscle stabilization and flush lactic acid in your leg.

Recommended for: Recommended for active individuals seeking optimal support during workouts and sports, as well as those recovering from knee and leg injuries. Ideal for athletes seeking post-workout recovery, runners aiming to minimize fatigue, professionals enduring long hours, and travelers needing circulation support during extended journeys.

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