6 Types of Compression Gear Every Student Athlete Should Have

High school can be pretty rough. Between social pressures, homework, college prep, and not having a fully developed frontal lobe, it’s shocking that students even have time for extracurriculars. 

Then there’s the student athlete, who not only gets it all done, but often exceeds the standard while doing so. Student athletes are multitasking masters, prime performers, and champions in their field. … But even they could use a little help. 

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the main gear and must-haves that all student athletes could use to navigate the madness that is high school sports! From basketball to badminton and everything in between, here are the 6 types of compression gear your student athlete should have to excel (and look great while doing it). 

Let’s start with the basics - aside from compression therapy, what should you give a student athlete?

What are Things Every Athlete Needs?

What should go in a student athlete care package? Well, here are a few things that every athlete (even non-student athletes) could use to stay at their absolute best (or at least keep them from feeling their worst): 

A Large, Durable Water Bottle

Water! We all need it, but athletes need it, like, a lot. Grab an athlete (or grab yourself) a large (32oz or higher), ultra-durable but easily portable water bottle. Ones with straws built in are particularly beneficial to athletes for easy access.
This bottle is probably going to be thrown around a lot, so try to get a metal one that won’t crack or break from being tossed to the ground when it’s time to hurry and get back in the game.

Electrolyte Tablets

These little pills are a godsend for any athlete that sweats often, experiences regular cramps, or both. Perfect for those who don’t drink enough water or are too busy to stay hydrated. (Note: This isn’t a total replacement for drinking water. Figured we’d add that disclaimer, just in case.)

Reusable Ice Packs

Every athlete knows about the bumps, scrapes, and bruises that come with physical activity. That’s also why every athlete could stand to use some reusable ice packs, for when those things inevitably happen to them.
Grab a few adjustable, strapped ice packs that allow the user to put the ice pack wherever needed. If you know an athlete (or are one yourself), you’ll know how much this helps!

Epsom Salt

Epsom salts are an overlooked and underappreciated mineral to anyone who isn’t directly involved in the art of the soak. Baths are great for sore muscles, and adding Epsom salt can help you relax and loosen those stiff joints. 

We’ve built a foundation! Now it’s time to get to the meat of the blog: The compression gear

The Compression Gear Every Student Athlete Needs 

Did you know that compression therapy has been around since the time of Hippocrates? Crazy, right? There's a good reason for that - it’s super useful for athletes, everyday work, and injury recovery. That’s why we believe it’s essential that student athletes have at least one type of compression sleeve, sock, or sling. 

Don’t know where to start? All good, we’ve divided up our top-rated products into different categories, depending on the sport you (or your student athlete) play: 

For The Track Runner or Soccer Star - Sturdy Calf and Knee Sleeves 

Running is both a blessing and a curse for our bodies. It’s a great way to stay fit, but overexerting our leg muscles and knee joints without proper care can result in injuries later in life. Compression gear not only helps to prevent injury, but it stimulates blood flow and flushes lactic acid from the leg, which can seriously help runners on a long trek (or soccer players running down the field). That’s why we recommend: 

The Full Leg Sleeve

This breathable, moisture-wicking, copper-infused sleeve provides full leg support from the hamstring all the way down to the shin. Not only is it great for running and games, but it’s perfect for post-exercise recovery. Plus, it can help to keep you a little warmer in the cold.

Playing in the heat? All of our products are copper-infused, preventing the growth of bacteria and odor, so you can wear your sleeve for hours without a foul smell. 

The PowerKnit Knee Sleeve

This durable sleeve is great for players who need to go the extra mile. By supporting and warming the knees while stabilizing the joint, this sleeve can help to prevent injuries, get your muscles firing faster, and promote an active recovery.
Plus, it looks pretty cool. 

The Calf Sleeve Set

Reduce fatigue, swelling, and soreness while increasing blood flow! Our calf compression set is perfect for runners of all kinds who could use an extra boost. Odor-free, copper-infused, breathable, and ultra-stretchy for your comfort. 

For For the Ball Players and Tennis Champs - Elbow and Full Arm Sleeves

Can’t forget the limbs up top! Our arm joints and muscles can get a little taken for granted. That’s why most football, baseball, and basketball players are often seen with an elbow or arm sleeve (including MVP football player Drew Brees!)
Not only will a student athlete love looking like their favorite players, they’ll get loads of benefits from it, too. Here are our personal recs: 

The Elbow Sleeve

A snug-yet-flexible fit ensures a full range of motion without any slipping. Our elbow sleeve keeps your joints stabilized and protected, even when throwing a spiral or swinging a bat. A stretchy, odor-free sleeve that allows for enhanced blood flow, faster recovery, and injury prevention.  

The Arm Sleeve

One of our more popular products, this sleeve doesn’t just look the part - it’s ideal for training, competitions, and active recovery. The compression engages your arm muscles and enhances your movements, making you (or your athlete) ready to play at your prime. 

For Pingpong, Badminton, and Hands-on Sports - Half-Finger Gloves

Our hands play a vital role in almost every sport, so why not give ‘em a boost? Don’t miss our top-tier hand sport aid: 

The Half-Finger Gloves

With a lined grip, snug fabric, and copper-infused materials, these gloves are ideal for any player that needs a little more hold on their racket or paddle. They’re ideal for protecting our fingers, thumb, and wrists from unneeded strain, and promote faster recovery. Odor-free, super stretchy, and easy to wear! 

Final Thoughts

Student athletes everywhere are picking up compression gear - not just to look cool, of course, but because there are active and proven benefits to compression therapy

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