So, Does Copper Compression Gear Really Work?

We here at Copper Compression, well, we love copper. We’ve seen evidence of the benefits, its effectiveness when infused within our compression sleeves, and the countless testimonials from customers far and wide that have shown just how useful our gear can be.

That being said, it’s understandable that you, a potential (or returning) customer, may have some questions. Instead of just taking our word for it, we’ve decided to show you all the reasons why we love our product in one factual, easy-to-find place. 

Here you’ll find out why copper compression is so beneficial, how it works, why it’s one of the best ways to find relief, and more.

Let’s start with the biggest question: 

Does Compression Work?

Short answer: yes

Long answer: Compression is used all around the world as a simple way to help ease discomfort, reduce swelling, prevent injury, and stimulate blood flow.

Here’s a short breakdown from the National Prescribing Service of Australia

“Compression therapy aims to increase venous and lymphatic return, reducing oedema and venous pressure in the limb, by the application of an external force. Compression can be achieved using bandages, stockings or, in certain circumstances, intermittent pneumatic compression.”  

If you didn’t quite get all that, they’re essentially saying that applying pressure to sore and swollen areas forces blood and fluid out of the affected tissue, helping to relieve the swelling and ache.

Compression isn’t just good for post-injury aid, though - it’s perfect for preventing potential discomfort, too.

Studies show that using a compression sleeve during or after a walk, run, workout or sporting event can help to improve muscle recovery and reduce soreness. 

For those whose pain goes beyond swelling, we have way more than just typical compression gear on our website. From plantar fasciitis socks to bunion relief to arthritis gloves, our shop has got it - all copper-infused, all top quality.

Why Do We Add Copper to Our Compression Gear?

Time for the fun part! 

Copper has been around over 10,000 years, its first known link to human culture being in Iran. It didn’t stop there, though - from ancient Egyptian practices all the way to modern medicine, copper has played a huge part in helping us to better understand how we can treat, aid, or prevent injury and infection.

Want some proof? We’ve got you covered: According to a published article in the Journal of Microbiology, copper has shown to prevent the growth of several types of common germs that grow and thrive on stagnant surfaces and fabrics. 

If that’s not enough, several studies have shown that it can help to destroy certain kinds of bacteria on contact. 

Why is this important, you might ask? 

Well, because with bacteria comes sickness, stains, and (most importantly) smells. Bacteria is great at stinking up your stuff - but not if that stuff is copper-infused. Copper's natural elements work to halt odor at the source, creating an smell-free surface in its wake.

In short, copper really is all that. But how does it work within our compression gear? 

What Does Copper-Infused Compression Do?

Alright, we’ve learned all about compression and even more about copper. Now it’s time to combine them to show you the 3 biggest reasons why opting for copper-infused compression gear can be so much more advantageous than any old compression sleeve

  • Copper Provides Additional Protection to Fabric
  • Copper isn’t just sleek, it’s sturdy. By infusing copper into the fibers of our compression gear and accessories, the fabric gets an added layer of protection against rips, tears, stretching, or snapping. 

    Great for working hard, working out, working from home, or just working to get a walk in.

  • Copper Prevents Bacteria Growth on Fabric
  • As mentioned earlier, copper has been shown to prevent some types of germs and bacteria from growing and spreading out to other materials. This is perfect for things like socks, face masks (check out our store for more types and colors), and other types of gear that can get quite a bit of bacteria exposure. 

  • Copper Keeps Our Gear Odor-Free
  • Last but certainly not least, copper keeps surfaces smelling fresh. 

    No matter what activity you're doing, our clothes tend to develop a smell after a while - especially after a long walk or tough workout. With most kinds of compression gear, sweat builds up, and soon enough things start to get pretty itchy and pungent. 

    Our gear, however, doesn’t abide by discomfort. To put it simply, stink doesn’t stick to our gear. The copper works to stop odor, while the breathable fabric prevents itchiness and discomfort. It’s a win-win! 

    For a better comparison, check this handy chart that really shows the difference: 

    Copper Compression Gear vs. Regular Compression Gear


    Copper-Infused Compression Gear

    Regular Compression Gear

    Provides compression to help ease discomfort from tension, soreness, and injury

    Flexible fabric to ensure free movement

    Added protective copper




    Moisture wicking


    Helps to prevent the continued growth of bacteria


    So, there you have it. While both types of compression gear can be beneficial, copper-infused compression gear provides a top-notch, smell-free comfort for everyday use. 

    Feel free to check out our benefits page for more information.

    Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

    If you’ve got more questions, have no fear: we’ve answered the most common questions that we get below!

  • How Often Should I Use Copper Compression Gear? 
  • As it is with most home discomfort aids, it depends on your injury or activity. For everyday movement, simply slide on your gear when you’re active, and remove when finished.
    For consistent discomfort, swelling, or injury, it’s important to ask your doctor first. Different injuries require different levels of care! 

  • Does Copper Reduce Swelling? 
  • No. The copper in our gear is not meant to speed up your healing, it’s meant to keep you fresh, protected, and clean. It’s the compression that reduces the swelling! 

  • Can You Wear Copper Compression Gear All Day?
  • According to the Cleveland Clinic, yes. It’s important to note however that most compression gear should be removed after a prolonged period of time, unless otherwise specified by your doctor. 

    While the fabric on our compression gear is breathable, moisture-wicking, and light, prolonged compression of any fabric on the skin can result in irritation - so make sure you’re giving your skin time to breathe.

  • Can You Sleep in Copper Compression? 
  • Yes, particularly if you’re using night splints, arch supports, or bunion guards. You can use other compression sleeves overnight, too, so long it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

    Final Thoughts

    We certainly hope this has helped you learn everything you need to know about why copper compression gear really works. For any other questions, guides, or recommendations, be sure to check out our blog, and don’t hesitate to check out our website for new products, deals, and updates.

    Happy healing!