4 Benefits to Wearing Compression Gear While You Workout

Sure, compression is great for recovery. It’s been used to help aching muscles, stop swelling, and keep our bodies healthy for centuries now.

But, did you know that compression sleeves can also be used during your workout to help enhance your performance, stimulate your blood flow, and help your muscles recover faster? If you did, great! If you didn’t, no sweat - that’s what this blog is for! 

We’ll start off by saying that this is no secret amongst the athletic community. Athletes have been using compression sleeves during workouts, sporting events, and training for quite some time. Even star athletes from far and wide (including MVP Quarterback Drew Brees, to name one) swear by these things, and we’re here to tell you why. 

So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn why compression gear is a stellar choice for your pre, during, and post workout recovery. 

What Does Compression Gear Do? 

Compression sleeves, slings, and socks all have one goal in common - to help your body recover. They do this by enhancing the blood flow and improving circulation within your bodily tissue. In the meantime, the tight-but-comfortable fabric reduces swelling by pushing all of the blood and fluid out of the affected area.

In short, compression gear keeps your body at peak performance. 

But, how does this help during your workout? If it just stimulates blood flow and reduces swelling, how can it help when we’re sweating it out at the gym or on the field? 

Experts have gone back and forth on this, but the generally accepted answer is as follows:

Does Wearing Compression Gear During Exercise Work? 

Yes - but not quite in the ways that you might think. Compression gear has been proven time and time again to help with recovery by stimulating blood flow, sure - but the way that it works during a workout is a little different. 

We’ll leave it to the National Academy of Sports Medicine to explain it a little better: 

“Compression apparel may enhance body awareness (proprioception) during exercise, providing enhanced postural and movement performance. Finally, many researchers believe that compression may also reduce muscle vibrations and mitigate ground reaction forces to reduce functional stress and improve muscle control.”

The gist here is that yes, it works, but not just by stimulating blood flow - our bodies do that enough during strenuous exercise. 

HOWEVER, it does seem to have an effect on both our minds and our muscles. We become more aware of the muscles being exposed to a new, compressed feeling, resulting in more focus to that area and overall better performance. 

Moreover, the compression of our muscles can help to reduce the amount of stress, while improving our control and dexterity. 

In short, compression gear can improve our workouts, not just through blood flow, but through our muscles. 

The Top 4 Benefits of Wearing Compression Gear While You Workout

Looking to get more out of your compression gear than just enhanced muscle performance? Compression is great for that, too. The benefits of using compression sleeves during workouts goes well beyond muscle vibration. 

We’ve broken down the top 4 reasons why wearing compression gear can help you perform better (and feel better while doing it): 

  • Compression Gear Can Support Your Joints
  • Workouts can be pretty hard on our joints, especially ones that require a lot of jumping, jogging, and/or running. So, what can we do? Compress ‘em, of course! 

    According to Dignity Health as well as the The Journal of Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease, compression “[is] known to increase circulation, thereby improving healing and easing pain and inflammation”. 

    Achy joints happen no matter how old you are. Keep your body in tip-top shape by compressing the joints you move most - the knee, the elbow, the ankle - whatever you use, it’s best to keep it compressed while you break a sweat. 

  • Compression Can Help Your Body Handle Endurance Better
  • Marathon runners, morning joggers, and track stars, we’re looking at you! Our legs go through a whole lot when we run for long periods, and can get pretty fatigued after a long endurance run. 

    According to the National Library of Medicine, this fatigue can be curbed with a sturdy, moisture-wicking compression sleeve. Keeping your muscles stimulated and circulated can help them perform better for longer, getting you to that finish line faster! 

  • Compression Can Improve Your Flexibility
  • Stretching our muscles requires a lot of work, especially if we’re already using those muscles to lift, run, or grip. Compression sleeves, slings, and socks give your muscles a little extra padding to go that extra mile (or in this case, stretch that extra centimeter). 

  • Compression Gear Helps You Stay Dry While You Sweat
  • We sweat while we workout. That’s just a fact. Want to know another fact? Sweaty clothing is super uncomfortable. We’re sure you knew that already, but we figured we’d say it.
    The good news is that we’ve got compression sleeves that combat sweat, stains, AND smells. Our copper-infused compression gear is the total package: The light, stretchable fabric allows you to move in all directions, the moisture-wicking material keeps you dry for hours with no irritation, and the copper infusion ensures your compression gear stays odor-free, even after hours at the gym. That’s right, no more judgmental looks from other gym-goers after you’ve built up a sweat. There’s even more information on our benefits page, so don’t forget to check that out! 

    What Compression Gear is Best for a Workout? 

    Alright, so we’ve learned that compression gear is perfect for that daily sweat session. But how do you know which compression sleeve you need? 

    Here’s a handy guide to help you find the compression gear that’s right for your workout: 

    For Extra Arm Support: 

  • The Unisex Arm Sleeve
  • Perfect for lifting, rowing, or any sport that requires heavy elbow usage, this arm sleeve is the perfect addition to enhance your performance. The compression provides stability, improves blood flow, and protects your joints while you’re tossing, throwing, or gripping. It’s stretchy, stays dry, and looks pretty sleek, if we do say so ourselves. 

    For Leg Day and Cardio:

  • The Powerknit Knee Sleeve
  • Endurance never felt so effortless! This knee sleeve doesn’t just look the part, it keeps your knee joints stable, stimulates your circulation, and keeps your muscles alert, while the knitted exterior keeps your muscles warm and ready to run that extra mile. 

  • A Set of Calf Sleeves
  • Can’t overlook the calves, you know. Use these sleeves to reduce fatigue, soreness, and swelling while you exercise. The consistent and targeted pressure keeps your muscles working at their best, while you play at your best. 

  • The Unisex Full Leg Sleeve
  • Looking for full coverage? Combine both of the above products into one big load of relief with the full leg sleeve. Your whole leg will feel the benefits of targeted pressure, moisture-wicking fabric, and a warmed interior. 

    Final Thoughts

    The verdict is in, folks: compression gear can be a serious help during exercise. Get the most out of your workout, while also giving your body what it needs to perform at its best. Also, be sure to check out our website and blog for more tips, updates, and deals. 

    Have a good workout!