The Healing Powers of Compression

Compression therapy is nothing new! In fact, it was a popular healing technique used by ancient Romans and Egyptians. Compression works by using constriction forces around muscle groups to increase blood flow to the areas. When done properly, this can have amazing results on recovery. 

Body Efficiency  

Did you know, our muscle fibers fire faster and more consistently when under compression? Further, the squeezing pressure on the muscle system results in proper joint mechanics and muscle orchestration.

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Less Lactic Acid Build-up  

Increased blood flow from compression helps flush out metabolites, such a blood lactate from muscle tissue. Lower lactic acid levels can result in better performance and less second day soreness because muscles are less likely to stiffen up or cramp. 


Faster Recovery  

Targeted compression from compression sleeves increases blood flow throughout the body. The quick removal of metabolites speeds up recovery. Athletes wearing compression gear experience less muscle pain and inflammation after a training session or activity.

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