4 Ways to Treat Shoulder Pain at Home


The shoulder is one of the largest, most complex and commonly injured joints in the body. With injury comes pain which is usually caused by athletic activities, overuse, sprains/strains, sleeping on one side, and even daily movements. Despite so many factors that can cause shoulder pain, it’s inevitable that shoulder muscles are still engaged with almost every action in our lives. Luckily, our products and some tips listed below can effectively relieve you from unsustainable shoulder pain.


1. Copper Compression Products for Shoulder

What makes Copper Compression so different?

Our copper-infused fabric has antimicrobial properties, and the protective copper never wears off or washes away. The 4-way stretch construction enhances your movements while providing the flexibility to flow freely and support your body to do all kinds of activities comfortably by its compression and stability.

 Let’s take a look at two of our exclusive shoulder compression products:

Engineered with the seamless PowerKnit technology, the PowerKnit Shoulder Sleeve supports shoulder joint and controls rotation to facilitate active recovery and prevents re-injury. The woven material and adjustable strap make you feel more than comfortable for all-day wear. 

The copper-infused brace stabilizes your shoulder while promoting compression-based healing. This helps to support injured muscles and protect your shoulder from further injury by limiting movement.



2. Do Shoulder Stretching Exercises

An effective shoulder stretching routine typically includes multiple movements designed to ease tension as well as build muscles, which helps to reduce injury. Remember to warm up before doing deep stretchings, even a warm shower can help relax your muscles.

3. Apply Ice to the Area

Cold temperatures help to minimize swelling after getting injured. Filling a bag with ice and wrapping it in a towel is an easy way to create cold compress at home.

4. Take Anti-Inflammatory Medications

There are many pain relievers that can help relieve temporary shoulder pain, including acetaminophen such as Tylenol and other non-prescription pain medications.