Outdoor Workouts For Summer Time

Summer is the perfect time to add some variety to your workout routine. Switching up your routine keeps your exercise fun and exciting, keeping you motivated to stay active. With the warm weather of summer, there are many outdoor opportunities available for you to try something new!

Yoga Under The Sun

Enjoy the benefits of yoga and nature at the same time! Yoga is an excellent way to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility. Doing yoga under the sun gets you some extra Vitamin D, and can help you break a sweat to burn some extra calories. You can join an outdoor yoga class, or if you prefer to do it alone, follow a guided yoga video in your backyard or local park! If your feet need a little support to help you keep your balance, check out our Recovery Foot Sleeves.


Surround yourself with the beauty of nature while also getting a serious lower body workout. There’s no better time to take advantage of your local hiking spots than during the summer. You’ll get a fantastic view while being covered by the shade of the trees, all while burning calories and strengthening your lower body. If your knees could use some help keeping up with your hiking, check out our PowerKnit Knee Sleeve.

Jogging On The Beach

Work up a sweat while you work on your tan with a nice jog on the beach. Jogging and running on sand instead of a harder surface offers additional benefits for your body. It requires more energy, meaning you will burn more calories, and reduces the wear and tear on your body by providing a softer landing with every step. If you want some extra protection for your ankles during your jog on the beach, check out our Recovery Ankle Sleeves.

Trail Walk/Run

Instead of taking your next walk or run on a treadmill, head over to your local nature trail. Surround yourself with greenery and fresh air while burning calories and improving your cardio. If your shoes could use some extra arch support during your walk or run, check out our Arch Supports.