Gear To Help You Accomplish Your 2022 Goals

New year, new you? A new year is the start of a new chapter in your life. It’s a great chance to reset and create some exciting goals for yourself. Whether you’re looking to live a healthier life or pick up a new skill, we have gear to help you accomplish any of your goals. 


Are you attempting to make a temperature blanket this year? Knitting or crocheting can be tough on the hands. Our Half Finger Gloves use targeted compression around your palm and fingers to relieve soreness and swelling in overworked hands. 

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Run a 10k

Signing up for a race can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to running. Our PowerKnit Knee Sleeve can help support your knees and relieve pain as you adjust to increased mileage. If you want more tips on running, check out our blog. 

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New PRs at the Gym: 

Ready to take your box jumps to the next level? The Recovery Calf Sleeves help boost blood flow in your calves so your muscles fire faster. Slip them on and start working on your jumps. 

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Cooking 1 New Meal A Week

Are you stepping out of your comfort zone and into the kitchen in 2022? Chopping, mixings, and stirring are hard on the wrist. Our Wrist Sleeve relieves pain and pressure in your hand and wrist. The adjustable strap also provides custom compression to suit your needs. 

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Improve your posture

Did you know poor posture is a leading cause of back pain? As we spend more time sitting at our desks and looking at our phones, it’s important to keep good posture in mind. Our Next Gen Posture Corrector is great to wear while you’re at your desk or walking around. If you vowed to improve your posture in 2022, check out our blog for more tips. 

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Renovate your house

Finally ready to tackle all of the tasks on your never ending to do list? The Recovery Elbow Sleeve helps support your arm and relieve pain from painting, hammering, every other task on your list! 

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