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Copper Compression

5 Tips For Better Posture

Did you know poor posture is a leading cause of back pain? Try some of these simple tips every day to improve your posture. 

Make Good Posture a Habit

You probably adjusted your posture when you started reading this article! Leave a note by your desk to remind yourself to sit up a bit straighter at work. Soon enough, this habit will turn into a lifestyle. 

Raise Your Screen

Whether it’s your phone or your computer, keeping your screen at eye level will help keep your head up and avoid the dreaded “text neck”. 

Take a Break

If you’re sitting at your desk for a long period of time, you can easily fall into a slump, literally! Set a reminder to take a break once an hour and take a quick walk around your home or office. 

Stay Active

In addition to exercise being great for your overall health, it is also a necessary component for proper posture. Strong back and core muscles will help support your shoulders and spine. Workouts like yoga and tai chi are great for improving strength and awareness of your body.

Wear a Posture Corrector 

Get a little extra help from a posture corrector. Our copper infused Next Generation Posture Corrector uses targeted pressure on your back to straighten your spine, gently draw your shoulders back, and engage your lower back muscles.