Is Your Workout Support / Compression Wear Stinky? Wear Copper!

Copper Compression – Copper Infused Support Fit To Wear Anywhere.

Does your workout support / compression wear stink? If you answered yes, you’re definitely not alone. Copper Compression might just be the answer for you!

At Copper Compression, our copper infused compression wear is a perfect fit to help you get the most from your active lifestyle… without getting stinky. Wear these support products while working out or under your normal clothes if you need a bit of extra support doing daily activities

Our customers have told us that they wear our products doing a ton of different activities, many of which the products were never originally designed for. We were quite surprised to find out a bunch of customers actually wear our half finger recovery gloves to help them deal with arthritis while knitting.

One of the great things about our sleeves, gloves, and the rest of our products, is that the copper naturally kills bacteria that causes bad odors so you don’t have to buy one for every day of the week.

It’s nice not to have to worry all that much about bad odored support sleeves especially since the regions they cover can get kinda sweaty and smelly.

If you want more information on the facts about the odor killing properties of copper we encourage you to take a look at the following link to a government site dedicated to health related studies –

We’re not scientists but we’ve done our research and the science found in that article provides compelling evidence that if you wear copper infused garments the odors will be greatly reduced / eliminated as a result.

An excerpt states:

Bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces, and the term “contact killing” has been coined for this process. While the phenomenon was already known in ancient times, it is currently receiving renewed attention. This is due to the potential use of copper as an antibacterial material in health care settings.

Copper Compression products provide Maximum Copper Advantage. We infuse copper directly into the nylon fibers of our high-performance fabric. Then we apply a long-lasting coating of additional copper. This innovative approach provides maximum benefits, extending the life of the product and fighting the source of odor for a superior experience.

Plus we provide sizing charts so that your copper compression garments will fit you the way they are intended to give you maximum support for the life of the product.

So there’s really no risk to try our products out because we’re confident that our sleeves and other compression wear products can help you just as it has helped so many others.

Check out some of the great feedback we’ve received about some of the other benefits people have received from wearing our products:

Amy Esterhuizen

“I am 57 years old. My feet started hurting in my early 30s. It felt like all my bones were broken when I woke up at night and walked to check on the kids, etc. My process of dealing with this has been to change walking shoes constantly and to buy expensive shoes for working. But often, the shoes are still new and I need to give them away…just looking for relief. Recently, I had daily acute pain in my right foot, for about 10 months, when a new friend bought a pair of your compression socks for me to wear at night. The relief was instant and the complete absence of pain came within a week! I am even able to wear a wonderful pair of almost new walking shoes I had planned to give away!! So now, I am buying a pair of your compression socks for my son, who is in his early 30s and doesn’t understand why his feet hurt at night. “


“I have the copper calf sleeves and they are wonderful! I know the knee sleeve will be just as good.”

Jeanann Watkins

“…I recently experienced some horrifying knee pain and bought your knee sleeves. They worked like magic. “

And that’s just a few so we don’t overwhelm you with a whole bunch of stuff about our products. We’re super excited about how many people wear our products and just love them!

Get Copper Compression & stay smelling better for longer

So if you want the best copper infused compression wear that will fit your busy and active lifestyle you definitely need to check out our products.

Check out now to see a full range of our odor resistant compression wear – copper infused fit to wear anywhere.