4 Effective Ways to Soothe Back Pain

Back Pain Overview

The human back is constructed from multiple bones, muscles, and nerves, they all work together to support your body. Segments of the spine are cushioned with cartilage-like pads called disks. Any issues with the elements can result in serious back pain, and some of the reasons are still unknown. Sometimes back pain happens immediately, for example, by accident or a fall; sometimes it develops gradually as you grow older. Back pain can also be caused by muscle or ligament strain, arthritis, osteoporosis, or even poor movement and posture.


Back Pain Risk Factors

Back pain could happen on anyone; however, these factors may increase the risk of leading back pain:

  • Age – Back pain typically starts around age 30-50 and becomes more common with advancing age. 
  • Overweight – Exceed body weight may put more stress on the back.
  • Inadequate Exercise – Not being active makes your muscles weaker, thus contributing to back pain.
  • Poor Posture – Sitting in front of the computer all day long with poor posture also causes back pain.
  • Diseases – Some kinds of disease or cancer may result in back pain.


Things to do to Prevent and Relieve Back Pain

Fortunately, there are some ways to relieve and prevent back pain:

  1.     Stay in Good Posture

When working in front of the desk, try sitting upright, relax your shoulder, and keep your head and neck in line with your body. You can also place a pillow in between your lower back and your seat to make your back more comfortable.


  1.     Take Medicine, Pain Relievers

Taking medicine or pain relievers will help minimize temporary back pain. Always remember to consult with a doctor before taking any pills.


  1.     Do More Exercise

Starting daily exercise, strength training, and stretching can help improve muscle’s flexibility and prevent you from future back pain. Sports activities such as short walks, yoga, and swimming can effectively reduce back pain.


  1.   Wear Copper Compression Braces

The compression and stability support your body during all activities, and the 4-way stretch construction enhances your movements while providing the flexibility to flow freely. The Copper-infused nylon protects the copper from being worn off or washed away and has antimicrobial properties. The moisture-wicking materials dry fast, keeping you cool and comfortable.

The Copper Compression Recovery Back Brace is praised by lifters, laborers, and other athletes for its ability to wear in any situation. This brace not only strengthens performance, but also keeps you from injury by lessening pressure on the spine and stabilizing your lower back.

The Next Generation Posture Corrector can be worn under any type of clothing and is fully adjustable for all kinds of body shapes and sizes. It is built with anti-rub materials to decrease itching and discomfort, and the lightweight, breathable design allows all-day and all-night use.


When to Visit a Doctor?

Usually, most back pain will improve through at-home self-care, but we strongly recommend that you visit a doctor if you still experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain becomes more and more serious.
  • Pain extends down to your legs.
  • Pain occurs along with unintended weight loss.
  • Back pain with fever.