Give Relief for

Mother's Day

Celebrate Mom with Copper Compression

Celebrate the strength and resilience of mothers everywhere with Copper Compression's exclusive Mother's Day collection. Designed for comfort, you will find the perfect gift to show Mom just how much she's appreciated. Give the gift of wellness this Mother's Day with Copper Compression.

The Gift Guide

CopperFreeze™ Cold Sleeve

Give Mom the gift of relief with the CopperFreeze Cryo Compression™ Migraine Mask, providing fast, effective relief for migraine, tension, and hangover headaches. Made with luxurious copper-infused fabric, it offers full 360° compression coverage, ensuring comfort and antimicrobial properties for peaceful nights.

Arch Supports

Treat Mom to the gift of comfort and relief with our copper-infused arch supports! These sleek bands offer all-day wearability, lifting arches, reducing muscle strain, and preventing further foot damage for a thoughtful Mother's Day present.


Elevate Mom's game with Copper Compression's Arm Sleeve, a perfect gift for training or competition. Its form-fitting design offers support, boosts circulation, and enhances movement, ensuring she performs at her best every day!

Smart Touch Full Finger Gloves

Give Mom the gift of comfort and relief this Mother's Day with our rejuvenating full-finger gloves. Designed to soothe overworked hands, manage chronic pain, and increase circulation, these gloves feature Smart Touch fingertips for staying connected with devices and moisture-wicking fabric for all-day comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enjoying everyday tasks pain-free.


Give Mom the gift of comfort and support with our beloved Recovery Shoulder Brace, perfect for stabilizing and promoting healing while limiting movement. Its breathable design ensures she can wear it discreetly under any outfit, providing round-the-clock relief she'll appreciate.

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