Top Benefits of Copper in Compression Sleeves

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or want to prevent one from happening, copper-infused compression sleeves can help you get back on track and optimize your performance. Compression sleeves use controlled pressure to increase your blood pressure and improve blood circulation. As blood flow increases across your body, you’ll feel less muscle soreness during and after activity and you’ll break down glucose faster for a boost of energy. Ultimately, you’ll experience a host of positive health benefits.

Many athletes and performers wear compression sleeves during an activity to increase their blood flow or after an activity to help with their recovery. But they’re not just for gym-goers or sports players. Even if you’re not an athlete, compression clothing — like arthritis gloves, knee sleeves, and metatarsal pads — benefits people with arthritis, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, orthostatic hypotension, and other health issues.

Any type of injury, recovery, or condition can benefit from compression garments. When you use copper-infused garments, you’ll reap even more benefits. Copper-infused compression garments reduce inflammation, relieve muscle pain, and prevent muscle stiffness just like your average compression garments, but copper-infused material can do a lot more for your body. Learn the top benefits of copper in compression sleeves, below.

Copper Kills Bacteria 


Copper includes antibacterial properties that date back thousands of years. We’re talking as far back as the Ancient Egyptians and the Greeks who used copper to sterilize wounds and for medicinal properties. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), copper is the only metal in the world that helps prevent pathogens and can kill certain viruses that come into contact with them.

Because of copper fabric’s antimicrobial properties (anti-viral and anti-fungal), people who wear copper sleeves and braces can prevent infections, viruses, and other side effects from skin to fabric contact. Our compression gear can offer protection against bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Enterobacter Arogenes, and Methicillin.

According to a study published in the Letters in Applied Microbiology journal, copper ions containing antimicrobial materials are favored in indoor environments such as hospitals. Copper is now used on hospital surfaces because it’s the ‘fastest thing that can kill anything.’

Copper Regulates Blood Flow

Since copper absorbs and maintains heat in certain fabrics, using copper-infused gear can keep your body parts warm and compressed while you work out and go about your daily activities. Due to its thermal regulating properties, copper has the ability to warm your body up as you cool down from an intense workout.

When your body is warm, it can raise your body temperature, which in turn boosts blood circulation. This is especially important for athletes and sports players who play in unregulated weather conditions.

When your body temperature increases, your muscle endurance decreases. Because of this, it can be difficult for your muscles to contract the way they should during a workout or activity. Copper regulates your body temperature so you can get back to playing at your peak performance level.

Copper Promotes Anti-Odor



As we mentioned earlier, copper contains anti-microbial properties that stave off viruses and fungus. The effects of copper can also prevent odor from occurring on your compression gear. The next time you build up sweat while working out, you won’t have to worry about feeling dirty or smelly. To help combat odor, our compression gear destroys 99% of the odor-producing bacteria it encounters.

The benefit of scent control allows you to take off your gear without having to wash it right away. We know that hygiene protection is a top priority after working out! When you do need to wash your gear, we suggest hand washing it with warm water and a natural detergent.

Athlete’s foot, a fungal infection that typically begins in the toes, is a condition that many athletes can relate to. Sweat and heat don’t mix well together and can form bacteria. Preventing bacteria from forming will keep bad odor at bay. With self-sterilizing properties, copper compression gear can be worn for long periods of time without washing them as frequently. Our high quality compression products are also moisture-wicking, which intercepts sweat from building up on your compression and skin in the first place.

Why Do People Wear Compression Gear?

Now that you have a better understanding of why copper-infused compression works to athletes’ benefit, you’re probably wondering why people wear compression gear in the first place. From compression knee sleeves to compression gloves, people wear compression products for all sorts of reasons. Compression sleeves are meant to be worn to prevent or recover from an injury or condition. Compression stabilizes parts of your body to decrease inflammation, decrease muscle soreness, and keep your muscles in place.

Additionally, compression gear promotes faster healing by increasing oxygen and blood circulation throughout the body. When someone is injured or has diabetes, varicose veins, and other conditions, blood flow is low. The new blood is needed for your joint pain to heal and receive the proper nutrients it needs.

Our copper compression clothing combines the benefits of copper and the benefits of compression gear to help athletes and all people do what they love best with comfort and ease. Some of our products like the Shoulder Brace and Elbow Sleeve are made from Powerknit, a woven design created with copper-infused nylon, our products’ protective copper never washes or wears off. The nylon material also promotes a breathable and lightweight construction to keep you cool and dry during any intense workout or sport. Our other products are made from standard recovery materials which are more geared toward everyday activities and can be worn overnight. 

What are the benefits of copper infused compression sleeves?

“The benefits of copper in compression are numerous and well-documented. Copper is a natural antimicrobial that improves the health of skin and tissue, and it boosts circulation. This can reduce the risk of developing conditions like varicose veins and other issues related to poor circulation. But that's not all. Copper is also a great material for compression as it offers comfort, support, and increased stability,” according to Doctor Nathan Fisher, a chiropractor at Achieve Health + Wellness in Illinois.

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