The Best Gift Is Time Spent Together

Whether it’s Father’s Day, a birthday, or another special moment, there’s a gift you can give your parents that is better than anything you could wrap up with gift wrap and a ribbon. It’s the priceless gift of spending time with each other! Bring extra joy on a special day by spending time doing something the both of you love or trying out new activities together. Here are some fun ideas to stay active and spend time with your parents:

  1. Walking Tours
    Walking tours are a great way to get some extra vitamin D while getting your steps in. But it’s also fun to explore the world around you with your family! What kind of walking tour should you take? Do your parents like architecture, history, art, or nature? You may be surprised at what amazing historical sites are nearby that are waiting for you to explore. Some exciting and popular walking tour destinations are cities like Chicago or parks like Zion National Park. For a city walk, use our metatarsal pads for extra cushioning while walking on the pavement. For a nature tour, get some extra stability for your knee with one of our knee sleeves.

  2. Gardening
    Whether your parents like vegetables, flowers, or just want some potted plants for the porch, gardening is an exciting way to spend time together. Spend quality time with your parents by helping them get started with their garden! It can help them get in touch with nature while growing fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables or beautiful flowers. For some extra pain relief to make gardening more enjoyable, we recommend our gloves, back braces, knee sleeves, and elbow sleeves.

  3. Cooking Classes
    Another fun way to spend some time with your parents while learning a new skill would be to sign up for some cooking classes together! Cooking is an amazing hobby that can help people unwind, and result in delicious meals. From learning how to bake tasty treats, to cooking delicious dinners, there are almost endless cooking class options. Making and sharing a meal is a powerful way to bond with family. For some extra support in the kitchen, we recommend our gloves, elbow sleeve, and posture corrector.

  4. Museums
    Museums keep you on your feet and entertained while learning more about the topics you both love. Have a great time exploring museums/exhibits while learning about cars, history, culture, or art. What’s in your area that appeals to you both? Museums are a vessel for sparking conversation and learning more about the world. But let's face it, walking on those hard floors can be tiring. Try metatarsal pads, padded arch supports, or compression socks to focus on the exhibits instead of discomfort.

  5. Art Classes
    If your parents are more on the artistic side, taking an art class together is a great way to bond and get creative. Look for a local school/business offering visual art classes like painting, sculpting, or drawing. Keep the fun going by planning fun creative events together, like a wine and painting night! If your parents could use some relief to help their creative side flourish without nagging pains, we recommend our gloves, wrist brace, elbow sleeve, and posture corrector.