Real Recognizes Real: Lorenzo

Carrying over 100 pounds of equipment is not easy on the body! From putting out fires to responding to emergency calls, NYC Fireman, Lorenzo is always moving with purpose. We sat down with Lorenzo to learn about how Copper Compression helps him accomplish his job.

What made you become a firefighter? 

My older brother is in the profession and he pretty much put me on. I never really pictured myself sitting at a desk somewhere and I’m good with my hands so I figured it would be good for me. 

What does your day to day look like? 

A lot of stuff! I could be anything from doing building inspections to fixing the firetruck. We do routine inspections around the neighborhood and make sure buildings are up to code. We go to the BQE, somebody gets hit by a car, we do vehicle extrications, elevators get stuck, emergency 911 calls, not to mention fires. 

What tasks cause you pain? 

Probably carrying 100 pounds of equipment up 12 flights of stairs, and once you get up there, then you get to work. It puts a lot of strain on the back. 

How does Copper Compression help you? 

If I do a 24 [hour shift] and it's really busy, I notice the next day that my knee is swelling a bit. The Recovery Knee Sleeve gives me a little bit more compression so it helps with the swelling.