Get To Know Drew Brees

Ever wonder how someone can play professional football for two decades? Just ask Drew Brees, the MVP quarterback for New Orleans who just finished his 20th season in the league. His secret… prioritizing recovery.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to be educated on performance and joint recovery, and I have learned that proper recovery is critical to a successful training process,” Drew told us in the fall, “After all the years of wearing compression products, I find that Copper Compression is the most effective product on the market!”

What’s your favorite Copper Compression Product?

Full Leg Sleeve

How do you use Copper Compression?

It helps me prepare for competition, compete and then recover after.

What do you like about Copper Compression?

It's lightweight, comfortable, and easy to slide-on, slide off. It really does keep your joints and muscles warm.

Why do you believe in Copper Compression?

There is just stability and confidence that comes with the product. With Copper Compression, I am able to reduce recovery time between workouts, which increases my performance.

How does Copper Compression help you?

When I am not playing football, I am with my family and we are active. Especially having four small kids that are playing all kinds of sports and all kinds of activities. I don't want to miss a second of it. I want to be right there with them being as active as I can. Copper Compression helps me with that.