Copper Compression's Revolutionary Face Masks Helping Fight the Battle Against COVID 19

We Are In This Together

As experts in copper infusion technology, Copper Compression was developing an innovative anti microbial face mask back in the beginning of 2019. No one could have anticipated a global pandemic of this scale happening in 2020, but we quickly realized that our new product was launched at the perfect time to help keep doctors, nurses, and the general public safe.

Valuing the importance of this timing and given the shortage of vital PPE on March 25th we donated our entire on hand supply of 18,000 Copper Infused Face Masks to the New York and New Jersey area Hospitals. We cannot emphasize enough our appreciation for the life-saving work that our healthcare professionals are doing at this critical time and proud to support them with washable, reusable and sustainable masks.

As the spread of the virus slowed within the NY & NJ, the Copper Compression team shifted our focus onto the general public. We worked tirelessly to get our masks back onto our shelves and available for purchase as soon as possible so that everyone can get an extra layer of protection as we adjust to the new normal.

What People Are Saying

Our revolutionary face masks caught the attention of the American Business Awards and Copper Compression was awarded two Gold Stevie Awards for Company of the Year - Durables - Small, and Consumer Products - Durables category. Judges emphasized that our “mask products are very timely and an excellent use of established technology to solve a new problem.”

The impeccable timing also turned a few heads within the media and medical field. NBC news reported that medical experts recommended the use of our anti-microbial face masks to help reduce the transmission of the virus, and top level scientists are working on developing a copper infused face mask that can effectively kill the coronavirus.

Learn More About Us!

If you'd like to learn more about copper and its novel integration into face masks, the Smithsonian Magazine did a story on the anti-microbial properties of copper and read about the level of protection you can receive when using one of our face coverings. 

Copper infusion into fabric isn't just used in face masks. For years, we have been selling copper-infused active care compression gear that provides essential muscle support and protection. Discover the full benefits of copper compression gear and explore our full collection of products on our website.