5 Tips For Hand Relief

Hand pain can be a real set back to your daily routine. Take back control and try these tips to give yourself the upper hand. 

1) Moisturize 

Cold weather is extremely dry and can drain the moisture from your skin. Continuously apply lotion throughout the day, especially after washing your hands to prevent dry and cracking skin. 

2) Stretch 

Sitting at a computer most of the day can be taxing on your hands and wrists. Try pulling your hand back and lightly stretching the muscles to release tension. 

3) Compression 

Wearing compression gloves throughout the day helps warm your hands and loosen stiff joints. Shop our full line of compression gloves here.

4) Cool Down 

If your joints are feeling extra swollen, try covering them in a cold pack to reduce inflammation. 

5) Take a Break 

Whether it's frequent texting, hours of video games, or lengthy crocheting projects, if your hands are sore, give them a break! Overuse can lead to soreness or even injury.