3 Tips To Survive Black Friday

It's no secret that Black Friday is a crazy shopping day! With some of the best deals of the year happening all over the place, it can be a lot to take in - and hard on the body if you're going shopping in person! If you're going to the mall this year, here are some tips to survive Black Friday. 

1) Have a plan

Pro Tip: when you're writing your list, pull up a mall map to plan where you'll shop and when. This will help you plan accordingly and minimize the amount of unnecessary walking. 

2) Wear foot sleeves for support

You'll be walking - a lot. The Recovery Foot Sleeves provide support and relieve pain from hours on your feet. If that's not your thing, our Arch Supports and Knee High Socks also provide great support for you feet. 

3) Bring a comfy mask

If you have to wear a make all day, you'll want to be comfy. Our masks have a 3d construction and 4-layers of protection for maximum comfort and safety.