3 Reasons You Need Base Layers 

Hot Take: Base Layers are an essential layer for fitness and recovery! They increase blood flow, support joints & muscles and so much more. Here are 3 times we rely on our Base Layers. 

Extra Warmth In The Winter

Even though it gets cold in the winter, you can still work up a sweat doing some of your favorite (and least favorite) cold weather activities! Whether you’re hitting the slopes or plowing snow, it’s a good idea to start with moisture-wicking Base Layers. The breathable material helps wicks sweat and dries quickly to help keep you warm on cold winter days. 

Bonus: The overall compression will help reduce pain and soreness from these intense activities. 

Improve Recovery 

Targeted compression from compression pants and tops increases blood flow throughout the body. The quick removal of metabolites speeds up recovery. Athletes wearing compression gear experience less muscle pain and inflammation after a training session or activity.

Better Performance At The Gym 

Compression gear applies constriction forces to different muscle groups. A constriction force is a force applied evenly around something, like a calf, in order to tighten the targeted area. This helps muscles fire faster and better. Base Layers provide compression to your entire upper and lower body.