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sleek and supportive

Introducing BaseLayers

Whether you are getting active in a new
sport or on-the-go, BaseLayers is your
go to for the ultimate foundation for
protection and compression.

copper compression

BaseLayers Bottoms

copper compression

BaseLayers Tops

exclusive base layers

The Copper Compression Difference

Four-Way Stretch

Products move with you through any activity.

Targeted Compression

Increases blood flow to boost performance and aid in recovery.

Moisture Wicking

Material wicks sweat & dries really fast to keep you cool and comfortable for all-day use

what our customers are saying

Women's Leggings

I've been a competitive snowboarder for 17 years and now my knees hurt so bad when I snowboard its not fun, but since I started wearing my copper compression leggings it helps a ton and I actually feel good riding!

copper compression

Men's Shorts

Hip issue and they add support for my hips and legs!! They are comfortable, fit well, and are easy to launder! Wear them every day!

copper compression

Long Sleeve Shirt

My husband is a truck driver and his shoulders hurt and keep him awake at night. He says it's crazy, but the first night he wore his shirt he slept all night. He needs more! You are out of stock! He is very happy to have relief!