New and Improved Fabric for Upgraded Relief

The feedback of our customers means everything to us. Over the last year, we’ve read thousands of reviews and got to work with top manufacturers to improve the Recovery Fabric on our products. We’ve improved your relief with upgraded thread count, lighter weight, more copper, improved 4-way stretch, and better moisture-wicking. All to maximize your comfort, relief, and recovery.

Maximum Copper Advantage

We infused copper directly into the material and add a protective coating so the copper never wears off or washes away. This unique treatment prevents the build-up of odor and extends the life of the product. 


The material provides consistent and targeted compression to boost blood flow, support muscles and tendons, and relieve pain and swelling. 

Light Weight

The lightweight and slim profile fits under your clothes and provides proper support without getting in the way or weighing you down. 

4-way Stretch Material 

4-Way Stretch Construction provides support with flexibility to move freely during any activity, without feeling restricted. 

Odor Reducing 

Antimicrobial properties of copper kill bacteria and prevent the build-up of lingering odor in the products. 

Moisture Wicking 

Moisture-wicking materials wick your sweat and dry quickly to keep you cool and comfortable.

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