From Tennis to Pickleball: An Exclusive Q&A with Matt Manasse on His Journey, Insights, and Future in the World of Pickleball

We sat down with Matt Manasse, a former tennis coach turned pickleball coach to the stars, to discuss his seamless transition into the world of pickleball. With a rich background in tennis and a passion for the growing sport of pickleball, Matt shares his journey, the serendipitous moments that led to his friendship with legendary quarterback Drew Brees, and his exciting plans for the future. From his favorite recovery products to his vision for the sport, Matt provides valuable insights and advice for both newcomers and seasoned players. Dive into our conversation to learn more about Matt’s dynamic career and his contributions to the pickleball community.

Q: How did you get into pickleball?

A: I have a whole tennis background, so it was a natural progression to get into it. I was coaching on tour when the pandemic hit four years ago. I went back to Erie, Pennsylvania, where the aging tennis community had started playing pickleball. They invited me out. I had been cooped up inside, went out and played, and fell in love.

Q: What is your relationship with Drew Brees, and how did you guys meet?

A: I obviously knew about Drew well before I met him because I went to Purdue and played tennis there. He was a legendary quarterback at Purdue, so Boiler Up! We met in Kennebunkport, Maine, at the Bush estate. I was there with a client, and they said, “Do you want to go play pickleball with George Bush and Drew Brees?” And I was like, of course. So I kicked his ass, and we became friends after that. Now we’ve done content pieces together, collaborated with his charity foundation, and many different things. Currently, we’re both using Copper Compression products.

Q: What’s next for you in life?

A: I’m doing everything in the pickleball space—from commentary to paddles to venue business, content—just continuing to build the Pickleball McNasty brand. I’m excited that Copper Compression is part of that now; it really helps me when I’m on the court, whether I’m playing or teaching. So I’ll continue to build the sport, get it out to the public, and ensure people are having a good time.

Q: When you get injured playing pickleball, where do you get your pain relief products from?

A: Luckily, I haven’t been too injured. I’m only 36, which is getting older but not too old. When I’m back home in Pennsylvania, I go to Wegmans—that’s my spot. In California, I usually go to Walgreens. I get everything Copper Compression at both places, so it’s easy to stay in shape and on the court.

Q: If you saw someone injured on the court, what products from Copper Compression would you recommend?

A: On the pickleball court, there could be a variety of different injuries. Obviously, elbow is a big one, along with shoulder, knee, ankle, and plantar issues. I’ve used the foot sleeve a lot and the socks for my plantar issues. Anything for the elbow is good to have for compression while you’re playing; it keeps it warm and stable. There really is a product for every joint that can be hurt. There’s going to be something for you, so it’s great. There’s a full menu of products, so no matter what, you can stay healthy and stay on the court.

Q: Have you ever had an injury before, and how do you recover?

A: Unfortunately, yes, but not too many, so I’m lucky. However, I have a ton of foot issues. I’ve had two broken toes, which have now led to some plantar issues. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. I can’t say the sleeve is just going to work for you and everything will be fixed, but that’s part of the process. I do massage work, cold therapy with ice, and then use the Copper Compression sleeve at night to ensure the whole process comes together. You have to have a whole menu of things to get better. Copper Compression is definitely part of that, which is great because it has sped up my recovery.

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