Check Out Dorian Gonzalez – Spartan Race Participant & Copper Compression Enthusiast

A few weeks ago Dorian Gonzalez reached out to us about how much he loved our copper compression sleeves and wear.

He sent a few images of himself using some of our products while killing it at a couple of the races he participated in.

We love sharing this sort of stuff! If you’re a tough mudder, spartan racer, marathoner, or any other athlete that loves using our Copper Compression products,.please reach out to us! We love seeing you use our products to their full potential.

Reach out on facebook and we’ll add your images to our new collection of extreme Copper Compression fans!

More great pics of Dorian pushing our elbow sleeves and calf sleeves / compression socks to the limit:

Our products can take the heat at these extreme races and can stand up to you too. 

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