5 Reasons We Believe in PowerKnit Technology

We created our newest material with athletes in mind. PowerKnit is a seamless woven design made with copper-infused nylon. The lightweight fabric provides a stronger compression to give you the Power To Move.

The Seamless Construction 

PowerKnit Sleeves are created with a circular knitting machine. This means there are no seams in the design. This was intended for maximum comfort so you can focus on performing and not your sleeves. 


PowerKnit’s woven design allows for air circulation while you’re wearing it. This helps keep you cool and comfortable while still benefiting from the compression. 

Stronger compression 

The seamless weave provides consistent compression around your knee to provide maximum support, even during fast breaks. 

Anti-microbial properties 

PowerKnit is made with copper-infused nylon. We've harnessed the anti-microbial properties of copper to kill odor-causing bacteria in the fabrics and extend the life of the product. 

Moves With You 

The seamless knit was designed with 4-way stretch and silicone grips keep the sleeve in place while you jump, run, bend and move. Additionally, it features to provide support that reduces the risk of getting injured.