4 Reasons You Need Stink Free Products

Did you know that copper has anti-microbial properties that kill odor-causing bacteria? At Copper Compression, we understand that lingering odors can ruin your favorite products. To combat the stink, we infuse copper ions directly into the nylon material that makes up our products to provide Maximum Copper Advantage.

You're working out in them
Many people wear compression sleeves while they work out to boost performance and support their joints and muscles. Not only do our sleeves provide that the support and security you need while working out they also won't stink up your gym bag.

You're wearing them with sneakers
After a long day on your feet, taking off your shoes can be the best and smelliest part of the day! Shop our line of copper-infused foot products to find the support you need without worrying about the smell.

You're wearing a mask
After a whole day of wearing masks, they can start to smell. And since you wear a mask over your nose, you have to smell it! We crafted our masks with Copper-infused cotton to keep bad odors at bay. 

You're wearing them under heavy gear
Whether you're gearing up for work or playing your favorite sport, it can get HOT under your equipment and we all know what that means. Our copper-infused sleeves and base layers give you the support you need without causing a stink.