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Dr. Milica

Master of Physical Therapy, Doctor, & Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Dr. Milica McDowell (MSPT, DPT, C-EP), a respected leader in health and wellness, has teamed up with Copper Compression, the most trusted brand in active recovery, to further our mission of making a difference in people’s lives. With expertise in physical therapy and a focus on injury prevention and recovery, Dr. Milica consults on further strengthening our already industry-leading product assortment, as well as offering our customers tips on proper use, avoiding injury & shortening recovery time. In everything she does, Dr. Milica aims to empower individuals to optimize their recovery journeys and enhance overall wellness. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on the team.

Here to help you heal

"Empowering individuals with actionable, science-based health information is key to improving overall well-being. By championing movement and advocating for preventative measures, we can enhance lives and reduce the burden of preventable injuries." - Dr. Milica

Expertise in Health and Wellness

Dr. McDowell's extensive background in physical therapy, coupled with her founding of multiple health-related businesses, showcases her expertise in health and wellness.

Commitment to Science-based Health Information

Through partnerships with Copper Compression and other ventures, Dr. McDowell is dedicated to creating, promoting, and sharing actionable, science-based health information.

Impactful Leadership and Innovation

Dr. McDowell's contributions extend beyond clinical practice to include collaborations with Copper Compression, presentations, patents, and innovative projects aimed at enhancing health outcomes and empowering individuals to lead healthier lives.

Copper Infused

We infuse copper into the fibers, and apply additional copper protection to the finished fabric.

Extends the life of the product


Add stability and support

Reduce inflammation and swelling

Increase blood flow

Moisture Wicking

Copper eliminates odor-causing bacteria

Stays fresh all day, and keeps working wash after wash

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