Giving You the Maximum Copper Advantage

Copper has been a part of mankind's toolkit since ancient times, and for good reason. It has tons of benefits and uses across a variety of industries and products. It can be found in tons of electronics, appliances, lights, cables, cookware, cups, and so much more. Because of copper’s powerful benefits, it is the ideal solution for active recovery and fitness gear. It maintains the quality of the product, and improves the experience while wearing it. At Copper Compression, we use an innovative process to combine the powers of copper and compression!

We use a high-tech process to infuse copper directly into the fibers of all of our gear. This allows us to get a higher level of copper content compared to only spraying the gear with copper. Afterwards, the material is then given an additional long-lasting coating of copper, to ensure you get the maximum copper advantage. This takes the advantages of our gear to the next level. Not only do you get flexible, strong, compression that helps provide relief and increases recovery effectiveness, you also get benefits that improve the way you experience compression gear, and it extends the life of the products as well. Here’s how:


Copper has been proven to be an antimicrobial surface, which means it kills or stops the growth of microorganisms. This is especially beneficial for products that are in constant contact with the skin, and are often used during activity or outside. 

Extends Product Life

Because the Copper is infused directly into the material, your copper, and all of its advantages, will never wash away. The added strength of the copper keeps the support strong every time you use it. 

Kills Bacteria

Due to the antimicrobial properties of copper, bacteria is killed and its growth is inhibited. This prevents damage to the product, so the fabric stays strong and supportive as long as you need it.,.

Combats Odor

Copper Compression gear is great for use during activity or in warm weather. That’s because it's not just breathable and moisture wicking, but the copper also helps fight odor. That way you can stay active without worrying about odor buildup from your compression gear.

Our goal is always to help people live the most comfortable, fulfilling, pain-free lives possible. And we want to do it by creating gear that provides the best experience while you wear it. All the benefits of copper help us achieve just that. The antimicrobial properties ensure that microorganisms, like bacteria, are killed and their growth is inhibited. Less bacteria also means less smell, making it great for use during intense activity or outside in hot weather. And with Copper Compression, these benefits are here to stay. That’s because we infuse the copper directly into the materials, extending the product's life, and ensuring the maximum copper advantage.