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Copper Compression

The Ultimate Work From Home Gift Guide

With many people now at home for work, the need for products to make work more comfortable has gone up. Here is a gift guide for the people in your life who work from home to make their life just a little bit easier.

Posture Corrector

"The stiffness I had through my neck is gone. I'm feeling and seeing a difference every day while wearing this posture corrector." - Jerm F.

Sitting at home all day without proper support can lead to poor posture. Posture Correctors are comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day during different tasks so you can fix your posture without limiting your workload.

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Back Brace

"I put it on and it was instant relief from the pain- I wore it the rest of the day with no discomfort and continued to feel better through the day." -Dirty H.

Whether you're up and about doing home renovations or in front of a computer screen all day, these tasks can be harsh on your lower back. Wearing a back brace provides additional support and relief, while still allowing movement.

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Arch Supports

"I spend more time at home in slippers. They are comfortable and very supportive!" -Lois B

More time at home means more time walking around barefoot. Arch Supports are comfortable enough to be worn everyday as you do your daily routine to relieve pressure off your feet as you work all day.

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Wrist Brace

"I do a lot of writing/typing on a daily basis at work and my nerves in my right hand started affecting me. This one fits just right and after my first 3 days of wearing there was a tremendous difference." -Greenz

Typing away at a computer everyday can lead to hand and wrist pain like carpal tunnel syndrome. Wearing a wrist brace provides multi-point support and effective immobilization to promote healing.

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