Real Recognizes Real: Melinda

Melinda is a New York City based nurse. Whether it’s monitoring her patients or communicating with families, Melinda’s work days are always busy and demanding, mentally and physically. We sat down with Melinda to learn how Copper Compression helps her work throughout the day. 

Why did you become a nurse? 

I wanted to become a nurse because I have a lot of family that work in the medical field and I care about people. It was my first instinct to become a nurse. 

What is your day to day like?

My job entails a lot! My day-to-day is seeing a lot of patients throughout the day. I monitor what's wrong with them, what they need, and watch for any new arising issues. I also administer medication and help patients stay connected to a human.

What tasks tend to cause you pain? 

I administer a lot of medicine throughout the day. This tends to cause a lot of pain and soreness in my hand. I also spend most of the day standing and walking which impacts my back and my feet.

How does Copper Compression help you?

The Recovery Back Brace gives me a lot of support in my back. The Recovery Thumb Brace uses compression to support my thumb and keep my hand aligned while I’m giving injections and vaccines.