Kitchen Confidence: Mastering the Art of "Reaching In" with Matt Manasse

Pickleball phenom Matt Manasse is known for his aggressive play and strategic mind. In a recent social media collaboration with Copper Compression, Matt dives into a fundamental concept that can elevate your game: reaching into the kitchen.

The Kitchen: More Than Just a Line

We all know the rule: you can't volley a ball from inside the non-volley zone (kitchen). But Matt emphasizes a crucial point – nothing restricts you from reaching in!

Standing Back vs. Stepping Up: A World of Difference

Many recreational players simply stand flat-footed at the baseline of the kitchen, leaving a vast open space for their opponents to exploit. This allows them to hit freely through the kitchen, or even take a comfortable step back for power shots.

Taking Control: The Power of "Reaching In"

Matt advocates for a proactive approach. He advises players to lean in and attack the incoming ball. By strategically reaching 2-3 feet into the kitchen, you significantly reduce your opponent's available court space.

Think of it this way: a standard kitchen is 7 feet deep. By reaching in 3 feet, you're essentially taking away that space, leaving your opponent with only 4 feet to hit into. This drastically reduces their options and forces them to play a more confined game.

Reaching In: A Key to Pickleball Domination

Mastering the art of reaching in isn't just about stealing space – it's about controlling the game. You become a constant threat, forcing your opponent to adjust their strategy on every shot.

Copper Compression: Supporting Your Pickleball Journey

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, Copper Compression is here to support you on your pickleball journey with our targeted recovery products, we offer everything you need to perform at your best.

Stay tuned for more insights from Matt Manasse! Together, we'll help you unlock your full pickleball potential.

Ready to dominate the kitchen? Watch Matt's full social media video for a visual breakdown of the "reaching in" technique!