5 Ways to Refresh Your Mind and Body

Spring is in the air! A new season is a great time to refresh and renew your mind and body. If you’re in need of a mental or physical reset, try something on this list.  

1) Exercise  

Exercise is proven to produce endorphins which are the body's natural mood elevators. Even a quick 15 minute workout can boost your mood. 

2) Meditation 

Meditation is known to bring a calm sense of peace and balance to a person. This can be beneficial to your mental and overall health. If you have never meditated before and are nervous, start with just a minute and work your way up. 

3) Clean your space 

Does the name Spring Cleaning ring a bell? A clean space minimizes distractions, reduces stress and boosts your mood. 

Challenge: Do quick 5 minute clean ups every night before bed to help keep your spaces consistently clean. 

4) Take a walk 

Studies show that fresh air can boost your mood and improve focus. Whether it’s a stroll around the block during lunch or an entire day exploring the world around you, take some time to get outside. 

5) Drink water 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, hydration is key! If you are ever in need of a quick boost, drink a cold glass of water. 

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