5 Gifts Crafty People Will Love

Jewelry making, painting, DIYs, renovations- all of these create beautiful products but can result in pain and discomfort after extended strain of the body. There are ways to receive active support while crafting without limiting the quality of work. Here are some gift ideas to support the crafter in your life.

Half Finger Gloves

"These really seem to help my arthritic hands when I'm doing fiddly craft work. They make your hands very warm too and are extremely comfortable." - Fiametta

Half-Finger Gloves increase blood flow in overworked hands to help relieve pain and inflammation. This is perfect for someone who spends hours knitting, sewing or painting. 

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Back Brace

"I enjoy crafting while standing - helps me with posture and keeps the tension at a minimum!" - Carol

Our Recovery Back Brace reduces back pain by limiting pressure on the spine and stabilizing your lower back, helping improve performance and prevent injury. This is perfect for craftsmen or gardeners who spend time carrying heavy objects. 

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Elbow Sleeve

"I've had it about a week and wear it from the time I get home from work until I wake up. It has relieved my pain 85 -90%. So glad I found this item." -Tammy

Our Elbow Sleeve won't slip off and and is flexible so it doesn't reduce movement while you work. The sleeve is perfect for upholsterers, artists, and DIYers.

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Thumb Brace

"Helped my tendonitis pain tremendously. I can wear it and still make Jewelry." - Goddess

The Thumb Brace provides multi-point support and effective immobilization to help speed up the recovery process and is comfortable enough to wear on either wrist. 

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Face Mask

"The most comfortable of all the masks I have tried. I can wear it for hours at a time." -Robert

Our washable, reusable Face Masks feature four layers of breathable protection from dust, debris, and fumes. The mask features an adjustable nose that fits the face and prevents gaps.

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