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Copper Compression

4 Gifts To Give Travel Junkies

It's important to recover while you travel and visit tourist locations all day. Wearing compression gear is a comfortable and easy way to feel relief throughout the day without limiting the fun. Here's a gift guide for the avid traveler in your life.

Knee High Support Socks

"Our feet feel so much better. For the first time in years when I traveled my feet did not swell in misery."

From the change in pressure to long hours in a seat, flying is hard on your legs! The Knee High Support Socks help increase blood floor in your legs and feet to relieve swelling can prevent clotting. 

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"My copper compression mask was so comfortable, didn't realize it was even on. No moisture collected on my face, breathing was not a problem. Best purchase I ever made."

During long plane rides, it's important to feel comfortable. Our Face Masks were designed with a 3D structure to make it easy to breathe while still feeling safe. 

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Ankle Sleeve

"We love traveling, and these copper compression ankle supports ensure that we can enjoy our adventures to the fullest!! They really work!"

Long walking tours can be hard on the feet and ankles. The Recovery Ankle Sleeve uses targeted compression to boost circulation and relieve pain in feet and ankles. 

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Foot Sleeve

"After wearing them in the car for 8 hours my ankles were not even a little bit swollen and they really support my arches."

Whether it's a road trip, cross country flight, or a long walking tour, the Recovery Foot Sleeve helps increase blood flow to reduce pain and swelling in sore feet. 

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