3 Reasons To Wear Compression Gear While You Work Out

Compression gear is often associated with recovery, but did you know it can also improve your performance? Whether you’re looking to run further, lift heavier, or jump higher, you may want to slip on a sleeve to help reach those goals. Athletes like former MVP Quarterback Drew Brees swear by compression products. 

We sat down with exercise physiologist, Roody Dallemand to learn more about how compression can help boost performance. 

Speeds Up Blood Flow 

The pressure compression sleeves put on certain parts of the body helps the blood vessels work better and increase your blood flow to those areas. Increasing the blood flow helps speed up the warm up and recovery time. 

Increases Muscles Ability to Fire

Compression gear applies constriction forces to different muscle groups. A constriction force is a force applied evenly around something, like a calf, in order to tighten the targeted area. This helps muscles fire faster and better

Supports Your Joints 

Compression puts a constriction force on the surrounding muscles of a joint complex. This forces the muscles to fire more readily to increase the range of motion and the integrity of the joint.

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