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Copper Compression

Do Copper Compression Clothes Really Work?

At Copper Compression we make copper infused clothing because we have seen evidence of it’s effectiveness and have received mountains of testimonials from our customers supporting our personal observations.

That said, copper-infused compression clothing is quickly gaining popularity these days, both for athletes and non-athletes. With a plethora of products ranging from arthritis gloves to compression socks, these products are said to boost sports endurance and help you speed up the recovery process. But can they really help you go the extra mile?

Let’s find out.

Copper-Infused Compression Garments vs Regular Compression Clothes

Compression clothes have been around the scene for quite some time. Gymnasts, weightlifters, skaters, runners – they all wear some sort of compression clothing like tights and cycling shorts.

Compression garments are simply pieces of clothing that fit tightly around the skin. They come in a variety of sizes and degrees of compression.

Spandex is often used to create this type of garment to prevent rashes and chaffing. It’s flexible and it can give a good amount of compression, but it was soon realized that adding copper into the equation makes an already helpful product, even more beneficial to its user.

Studies show that copper and its alloys are outstanding at killing bacteria and other microscopic organisms in contact (hence the term “Contact killing”). This phenomenon is caused by the oligodynamic effect, which states that some heavy metals (like Mercury, Bismuth, Gold, Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Iron, and Silver) have a toxic effect on microbes, even in minute quantities. This can be quite good if you are looking to kill bad bacteria.

By taking advantage of this property, copper compression clothes can theoretically protect you from foul odors caused by bacteria. Further studies are needed to be conducted for this claim to be fully verified.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Clothing

Compression garments are worn mainly for their added support and stability for the joints and muscles. Some experts also believe that this added support can lower the chances of injuries by reducing muscle vibrations and stress but this debate remains to be inconclusive as of now.

Some research shows that wearing compression clothing can reduce the lactic acid buildup in muscles but further studies are needed to be conducted in order to guarantee this claim.

Some claims like health benefits from positive ions, speed up in recovery time, increase in blood flow or a boost in sports endurance don’t have enough evidence to back them up, but we can’t also disprove them until this has been tested thoroughly by experts.

REMINDER: It’s always a good idea to consult your doctor first before wearing any type of compression clothing. Wearing a compression garment that’s too tight over long periods of time can cause serious complications to your body.


As a smart consumer, you need to separate facts from fiction. Do some research first before believing any claim about any certain product.

Also, not all copper compression garments are created equal. Only buy from trusted sources to ensure the quality of your product.