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Copper Compression

Benefits of Copper Compression over Traditional Compression Clothes

If you’re a big sports fan, you have probably seen your favorite player wear some type of compression clothing during a game or two.

Arm sleeves became popular in the NBA because of Allen Iverson, one of the greatest scoring guards of all time. During the 2000-2001 season, he began wearing an arm sleeve because of his right elbow bursitis. Then the rest was history.

Soon, fans and other NBA players began wearing them too as a fashion statement. Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, LeBron James, the list goes on and on. You probably couldn’t see a team without a sleeved player on their roster.

Not only it can make you look fashionable, but it can also affect the way you play the game.

Iverson Wearing His Iconic Arm Sleeve

  • Protects you from cuts
  • Helps regulate your arm’s temperature
  • Adds stability to your elbow when shooting
  • Hide tattoos (For family-friendly viewing)

Compression pants and tights are also widely used by the guys in NFL and other leagues.If you’ve been surfing the internet lately, you must’ve seen these copper compression products lurking in every e-commerce store there is. Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, you name it.

So, what’s all the fuzz about these products anyway? What’s the difference between a copper compression clothing and a traditional one?

Copper Compression Clothes vs Regular Compression Clothes

The main difference between the two is the materials used in these products. Your traditional compression clothes may consist of nylon, spandex or cotton. A copper compression clothing uses spandex infused with copper, a metallic element known for its curative and antibacterial properties. They still serve the same purpose, although the latter has those extra advantages. Your sweat is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes and copper compression clothes can help you with that problem.

You may have also read an article or two on how these compression garments can cure arthritis and boost your performance as an athlete. But as of the moment, further study is still needed to prove its therapeutic benefits.

Where Should You Buy Your Copper Compression Clothes?

With all the brands out there, which one should you choose?

Make sure that you avoid imitation products and only purchase from legitimate sellers. Choose the one with the highest copper content in it. Also, grabbing the right size is crucial to avoid over-compression which can lead to overheating or worse, dead limbs and amputation. Like any product, copper compression garments can be beneficial to its user if used in the right way and as a smart consumer, it’s your duty to do that.