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6 Tips For Setting Goals

New Year’s Day is our FAVORITE day of the year! There is nothing we love more than hearing everyone’ goals and excitement for the year ahead. Jumping head first into a new goal can be really scary, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. Here are some tips we swear by to help us keep our goals. 

Have a plan

Getting started is truly the hardest part of accomplishing a goal. Taking the time to map out a plan will give a clear place to start and make accomplishing the goal so much easier. 

Break Down Your Goals 

Having a BIG like running a half marathon can sound really intimidating. Breaking up the goal into attainable milestones will help keep you motivated and give you small celebrations along the way.

Have a buddy

Everything's better with a friend! Whether you’re working toward something together or have a goal of your own, bringing in a friend can be super helpful. You can work on things together or check in to hold each other accountable.

Gear Up 

Nothing gets us quite as motivated to start something as new gear! At Copper Compression, we have gear to help you achieve all of your goals. We have gloves for a new crocheter, and a variety of compression sleeves to help with hard workouts. 

Prioritize Rest and Recovery 

Burnout is real! As you start your journey, it’s so important to give your mind and body time to rest and recover. If you go too hard too fast, it can be overwhelming and lead to burnout.

If you're working out, stock up on compression products to help aid in recovery.  

Celebrate Your Success 

Remember those small goals you set? Every time you hit those goals, celebrate! Seriously, hitting you goals is supposed to be fun and you’ve earned it. Whether it’s a good meal, new Copper Compression gear, or a post just a post on Instagram celebrate your success.