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7 Life Changing Habits to Get Better Sleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep or do you find it difficult to wake up in the morning? Learn how you can change your night time environment to get more efficient sleep.

July 24th 2020

No Equipment Home Fitness Workout Routines

Take a look at some simple home fitness workout routines that focuses on losing weight, building stamina, and improving flexibility. Each of these exercises take less than 5 minutes to do and require no equipment, so there's no excuse not to try them!

July 17th 2020

Work From Home and Office Environment Self Care Tips

Experiencing sores and fatigue from sitting at your desk for long periods of time? Learn about some self care tips and posture checks to keep you productive for longer.

July 10th 2020

Copper Compression's Revolutionary Face Masks Helping Fight the Battle Against COVID 19

Amid this global pandemic, our Copper Infused Face Masks have been flying off the shelves. Learn more about what people are saying about us, and about how we've been helping the local community.

July 3rd 2020

Copper Compression Wins Two Gold Stevie® Awards

Learn more about our two Gold Stevie Awards that we won at the 18th Annual American Business Awards!

June 22nd 2020

Things To Be Done To Correct Your Posture

Having a good posture is not just about good looks for it also greatly improves your  balance, strength, and flexibility. This guide suggests some useful tips that will help with correcting and maintaining proper posture.

June 30th 2019

What You Get When You Do Intermittent Fasting?

Learn about intermittent fasting, an eating method that focuses on altering your meal pattern for health benefits.

June 3rd 2019

The Best Exercises For Losing Belly Fat Faster

Studies show that one of the hardest areas to lose fat is in the abdominal area. Learn about some exercises and workout plans that can help you lose that unwanted bulge.

May 4th 2019

Weight Training Tips For A More Productive Workout

Whether you are a novice or a veteran to weight training, here are 7 tips for a more productive routine that you might not have known about.

April 12th 2019

The Scientific Fact Behind A Runner’s High

Ever wondered what that "feel good" rush that you get after a run is? Here's the science behind the runner's high and some ways you can get the most out of this sensation.

March 31st 2019

Benefits of Copper Compression over Traditional Compression Clothes

Learn more about the history of copper-infused compression gear and the benefits that they provide.

September 30th 2018

Do Copper Compression Clothes Really Work?

Learn how you can enhance your workouts by choosing the right compression clothing.

July 12th 2018

Check Out Dorian Gonzalez – Spartan Race Participant & Copper Compression Enthusiast

See how Spartan Race Athlete, Dorian Gonzalez, utilizes our active care compression gear during his intense competitions!

October 14th 2016

Is Your Workout Support / Compression Wear Stinky? Wear Copper!

Discover how you can get rid of that annoying post-workout stench with antimicrobial copper infused compression gear.

May 16th 2016

4 Studies – Is Copper & Compression The Right Fit For Your Stiff / Sore Muscles?

Want to know the science behind the effectiveness of our copper compression sleeves? We've compiled four recent studies done on copper material and compression gear that highlights the benefits of our active care wear.

April 5th 2016